3 Ways to Put a Spark in Your Relationship


Put a spark back in your relationship

Relationships begin with a spark, but over time the magical feelings of admiration, affection and bliss seem to fizzle with the security of a long-term commitment. You and your partner are in love, but with the hustle of your day-to-day life maintaining a career, raising children and building a home life you have come to miss the magic that you once felt.

Fanning the flames of your burning love does not require a great deal of hard work. In fact, getting back in touch with the desire you both feel for one another can even be fun. You can get the home fires burning once again in three easy steps.


Step One: Communication

It has been said time and time again that communication is the key to any lasting relationship. You both have to talk and you both have to listen in order to communicate effectively.

Make time every day to communicate with the one that you love. You do not have to set aside hours of conversation, you simply need to let your partner know that they are on your mind and you hear them.

Leave a note on the bathroom mirror, give them a call in the middle of the day or send a text to say, “I love you”. Make their favorite dinner, wear the dress he likes or rent her favorite movie to show you are a great listener.

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Step Two: Appreciation

When you have been in a relationship for a while, it becomes easy to take advantage of one another without even realizing it. That is why it is important to show your significant other just how much you really appreciate all that they do and all that they are to you.

The next time he cooks dinner or takes out the trash, simply smile and say thank you. When she puts extra effort in getting dressed to go out, tell her how great she looks. The smallest gestures of kindness an appreciation are an easy way to light up a relationship.

Ideas to show appreciation, such as those featured at http://www.blackandmarriedwithkids.com/2013/09/3-simple-ways-to-show-appreciation-to-your-spouse/, are everywhere. Take the time to try a few and be amazed by the passion you ignite.


Step Three: Adventure

You go to work, come home, have dinner and take care of the kids, following the same routine every day. When a relationship gets comfortable, it is easy to fall into a monotonous routine. However, in order to rekindle the flames of love, you have to be willing to step out of that comfort zone.

A couple that has fun together is a couple that stays together. The sense of shared adventure is a great way to remember the things that make your relationship special.

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